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We are very aware about the latest quickly spreading health problem in our tight Working Retriever Gene pool..& the very high numbers of dogs who are carriers of it.

So we have Dna Tested all our young dogs 

All our young dogs have Tested CLEAR of this nasty desease which causes Blindness.


Glenbriar Young Dogs are all Tested Dna

Clear of 

Pra Cnm Eic Sd2 & Stargardt.

The Girls

Glenbriar Crystal Quartz   CLEAR

Glenbriar Gaia                       CLEAR                 

Glenbriar Gabriella              CLEAR

The Boys 

Glenbriar Elliot                      CLEAR

Glenbriar Maxwell                CLEAR

Welcome to Glenbriar Labradors.

Glenbriar Labradors Top Bred Irish Field Trial Labradors

Bobby & Jo Robertson's Glenbriar Labradors.

Top Irish Field Trial Champion Kennel.       
Our Glenbriar Bloodlines have produced 200 FTCHS & FTWS.

14 Championship Winners & 9 Top Retriever Titles & 1 Show Champion.

Glenbriar labradors are soft in nature & hard in their work, excell in Natural Game finding ability with wonderful temperaments & a willingness to please.

Bobby has a intuitive knowledge & natural connection to dogs which has brought him & Glenbriar Labrador's so much success.


All our young dogs are





Ftch Glenbriar Solo



He was sired by FTCH Pocklea Remus who won the IGL Championship,

Out of our Girl

FTCH Glenbriar Quest.

That Litter produced 3 Ftchs.





Champion Glenbriar Bloodlines have produced to date.


The Glenbriar FTCHS


FTCH Glenbriar Sweep (3rd & 4th Irish Championship)
FTCH Glenbriar Skippy I Won The Irish Championship with & Top Retriever
FTCH Glenbriar Quest
FTCH Glenbriar Solo
INT FTCH Glenbriar Dare
FTCH Glenbriar Soloman  (2nd The Irish Championship)
FTCH Glenbriar Pippit (Top Retriever of The Year)
FTCH Glenbriar Alder (2nd The Irish Championship)
FTCH Glenbriar Bonnie
FTCH Glenbriar Sally
FTCH Glenbriar Jazz
FTCH Glenbriar Dawn (2nd Irish Championship)
FTCH Glenbriar Dime
FTCH Glenbriar Brook
FTCH Glenbriar Hamish
FTCH Glenbriar Dale (Won The CLA)
FTCH Kit of Glenbriar
FTCH Glenbriar Fergus
FTCH Glenbriar Damson

FTCH Glenbriar Polly

FTCH Glenbriar Anchor
Champion Tracking Glenbriar Jack
Champion Tracking Glenbriar Sabre
FTW Glenbriar Anna
FTW Glenbriar Dash
FTW Glenbriar Sean
FTW Glenbriar Dwight
FTW Glenbriar Glen (4th The Irish Championship)
FTW Glenbriar Sunny
FTW Glenbriar Trouper
FTW Glenbriar Ripple
FTW Glenbriar Painter
FTW Glenbriar Bracken
FTW Glenbriar Diver
FTW Glenbriar Shadow
FTW Glenbriar Misty
FTW Glenbriar Alice
FTW Glenbriar Polly
FTW Glenbriar Jester
FTW Glenbriar Carolhill Astra
FTW Glenbriar Lass of Gailforce
FTW Glenbriar Ember
FTW Glenbriar Coke
FTW Glenbriar Rye
FTW Glenbriar Meadow

FTW Glenbriar Musket of Perdix (Winner of The 2012 Swedish Championship)
FTCHs Sired by Glenbriar Labradors
FTCH Glenbriar Solo sired
FTCH Kelland Holly who is the dam of INT FTCH Starcreek Zally

(Won The 2005 & 2007 Belguim Championship)

FTCH Starcreek Angel who is the Dam of FTCH Deeplake Emma

FTW Starcreek Dougy &
FTCH Starcreek Zuckey who is the Dam of
FTCH Starcreek Efinegan &
FTCH Starcreek Clooney  (Won the 2006 Belguim Championship)
INT FTCH Kelland Ross    (Won the 2003 & 2004 Belguim Championship)
INT FTCH Kelland Ross sired
INT FTCH Blackthorn Ascella &
INT FTCH Blackthorn Achenar
FTW Blackthorn Albireo &
FTCH Deeplake Grondo
FTCH Endacott Shelf- (Twice Winner of The CLA) sired
FTCH Drakeshead Logo - Top Retriever of 2006
FTCH Meditrian Blue  (Sired the 2012 and 2010 IGL Championship Winner)
FTCH Delfleet Neon of Fendawood  (Won The 2012 and 2010 IGL Championship)
FTCH Skellorn Danty
FTCH Jobehill Octavia
FTCH Glasnevin Just William
FTCH Decies Dodge of Studebaker
FTCH Rimrock Golden Girl
FTW Jobehill Iago
FTCH Kilpin Jazz of Garagill
FTW Ebony Black Night
FTW Ceadar View
FTW Ash Copse
FTW Ace Angler
FTW Frostfields Bramble
FTW Rimrock Redstart
FTW Broadlaw Lester
FTW Caulliechat Rebel
FTW Caulliechat Regal
FTW Silversnipe Jester
FTW Scapple of The Apple Jack
FTW Blackthorn Bedwyr
FTCH Endacott Soames sired
FTCH Riversway Ace who sired
FTCH Wenderose Hector of Riversway
FTCH Endacott Soames sired
FTCH Harperring Archibald
FTW Harperrig Caroline
FTW Harperrig Nevis
FTCH Oriole Cottage Islay
FTCH Mavericks Goose
FTW Dipplelodge Rossetti
FTCH Endacott Soames is The GR Sire of
FTCH Craighorn Abbey (Winner of The 2008 IGL Championship)
FTCH Dipplelodge Raven sired
FTCH Waterford Easter
FTCH Mavericks Goose (Top Retriever of 2007)
FTCH Mavericks Goose is The Sire of The 2011 IGL Championship Winner
FTCH Kailiture Black Spruce

FTCH Drakeshead Vodka

INT FTCH Waysgreen Apollo
FTCH Glenbriar Solo also sired
FTW Kelland Purdey
FTW Longcopse Oak
FTW Wamphy Kai who is the dam of
INT FTCH Greenbriar Tiler of Waterford
FTW Abbeystead Gaiety sired by Solo is the dam of
FTCH Duals Hope Ellynn
FTCH Glenbriar Alder sired
FTCH Auchendolly Beaver (Won The Lorna Countess Trophy at The IGL Ch)
FTCH Auchendolly Beaver Sired
FTCH Glenbriar Damson

FTCH Glenbriar Polly
FTCH Kenmilto Remus who Sired
FTCH Ellijas Danny (Winner of the 2013 IGL Championship)
ACK Master Champion Ecciston Fay
Working Champion Glenbriar Fergus

SHOW CHAMPION Veteran Glenbriar Fergus
FTCH Poland
FTW Manacre Marsh Harrier
FTW Ewardiana Sian
FTW Auchendolly Coll
Working Champion Haverholme Park Charger
FTCH Glenbriar Jazz is the sire
FTCH Glenbriar is the dam of
FTCH Sporthall Ava
INT FTCH Glenbriar Dare sired
FTCH Kelland Black Hussar
FTW Shadow Lady Rose of Donaghaguy
FTCH Glenbriar Soloman sired
FTCH Rahan Major
FTW Glenbriar Trouper sired
FTCH Glenbriar Dare
FTCH Glenbriar Dime
FTCH Broadway Kay
FTCH Drumalig Sue
FTCH Kit of Glenbriar
FTW Raven Lily
FTW Roadside Surviver
FTCH Glenbriar Sweep is the Dam of
FTCH Downshire Black Ace
FTW Glenbriar Painter
Glenbriar Alice is the dam of
FTCH Ulster Style (2nd The IGL Championship)
INT FTCH Ulster Oak (Won The Irish Championship)
INT FTCH Ulster Oak sired
FTCH Aran of Cromcastle at Ardlow
FTCH Coolbawn Prince
FTCH Druids Glen
FTCH Highwalk Claire
FTW Chapel Street Claire
FTW Damolly Joe
FTW Red Row Rambler
FTW Wiltongon Teak
FTW Kerrymist of Bohassett
Glenbriar Sara is The dam of
FTCH Kelland Black Hussar
Glenbriar Astra is the dam of
FTCH Beckwood Bluebell of Blackmoor
Glenbriar Spirit is the dam of
FTW Glenbriar Coke &
Champion Glenbriar Fergus
Glenbriar Milly is the dam of
FTW Devonvale Zuider &

FTW Devonvale Seth of Leadburn &

FTW Devonvale Shadow 2nd in The IGL British National Championship 2016

Glenbriar Satin is the dam of

FTW Glenbriar Musket of Perdix (Winner of The 2012 Swedish Championship)
Glenbriar Coffe is the dam of
FTCH Likems Handyman
FTCH Glenbriar Pippit -- Retriever of The Year..She is the dam of...
FTCH Adventure Troy
FTCH Adventure Disney
FTCH Adventure Trojar of Rosefield
FTW Glenbriar Ripple is the dam of
INT FTCH Astraglen Brooke (Won The Irish Championship & Top Retriever)
NBDCA HF Champion Swift Creek Lisa Jane
Glenbriar Granite is the sire of
FTW Tara
FTW Glenbriar Sunny sired
FTW Kilpunt Pippit
FTW Abbeystead Gaiety
FTW Glenbriar Dash is the dam of
FTW Shangarrily Gysey
Glenbriar Sting is the Sire of
FTW Crystlstream Black Beauty

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