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Glenbriar Labradors


Jo Robertson Glenbriar Labradors


I have been breeding

Glenbriar Labradors for the past twenty years

My High Personal Aims for Raising Quality Glenbriar Puppies


Although we have never bred many litters- believing in quality rather than quantity It has allways been the aim here at Glenbriar to raise puppies in the very best possible way in a home invirament not in a kennel..

To raise The highest quality puppies for The Retriever Enthusiast  & family companion.   Unlike some Kennels who will only sell to shooting homes we do openly wellcome companion family homes.

A Gentlemans or Ladies dog to enhance any shooting field for Competition or pleasure the high standard is the same.

A quality dog with a calm temperament to be dynamic in the field gentle in the home  a wonderfull companion for children &  a compliment to any family.

Easily trained with keen Natural Hunting skills and Game finding ability.

But If you like hard headed- hard dogs who you want to fight with-

Please go to another kennel our dogs will not suit you.

Our dogs are soft natured but hard in thier work with lots of natural stamina are easy to train-they excell well in the hands of people who use encouragement training methods.

 We do actively wellcome pet companion homes .

We are extremely happy to wellcome family pet homes for our puppies

Dont be put off by the word Working Labradors-our dogs temperaments are second to none & wonderfull with children, we have homed many of our dogs to family homes with little todlers.

Our  Labradors make the most amazing family companions -they are not hyper -they can be very chilled out fireside dogs and are wonderfull playmates with Children.

Our quality puppies  make wonderfull pets for anyone wanting something special.

If you want to adopt a puppy from a experienced breeder -someone who chooses the parents very carefully making sure both are Healthy sound labradors with good family friendly temperaments-who raises the puppies in the house in a wonderfull puppy area with a playpen and toys for lots of stimulation so when they leave they are used to family life from day one with 24/7 care- not raised in a kennel shed or outhouse. 

Feel secure in the knowledge that we do our best to produce healthy sound dogs.

We have worked hard to produce wonderfull dogs with bags of character & we have a excellent reputation which has been built up over the years.

We have several people return to us after once having  a Glenbriar dog because of  the wonderfull temperaments &  effectionate characters they are-they are real dual purpose We have many pet homes who have had 4 puppies over the years many more who have had at least two.

They get the very best of care  Love and handling from the very moment of birth untill ready to go to new homes.

 But If you like a head strong hard dog please find another kennel.

If we sound like a good match for each other & you would like a beautifull Labrador puppy & want the chance  of one of our Quality puppies.

Please email me to go on our contact list for the first updates of litters-we find our adoptive homes from this list.





It is the policy here at Glenbriar to take the health of the Dogs very seriously.

The dogs are Dna Tested and Hip & Elbow scored -so as much as possible is done to breed Healthy Sound Labradors.

The pairing is very carefully thought out so the breeding is constantly producing a certain type of Labrador that has brought Glenbriar so much success over the years.

Glenbriar has managed to keep the bloodlines true to a more good looking labrador who is also athlectic with plenty of natural stamina and a very kind temperament.

It can be seen so clearly the vast difference it makes to raise Glenbriar Puppies in the house by the end result,of these well adjusted pups who take everything in thier stride.

Every possible effort is made to give Glenbriar pups the best possible start in Life.












Our Puppies


Our light and airy puppy play pen area.All sorts of  activity toys are introduced when puppies are old enough- so there little minds are kept active and happy.

All Grown up

Adult Glenbriars 

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