Glenbriar Labradors
Glenbriar Labradors




Sometimes we may breed a litter of puppies to keep our bloodlines.

We believe in quality rather than quantity.   

If we do  we raise the puppies in a home invirament not in a kennel..

It is the aim to raise quality dogs with calm temperaments to be dynamic in the field gentle in the home & wonderfull companions for children. 

Easily trained dogs with keen Natural Hunting skills and Game finding ability.

Our dogs are not hard headed & If that is the type of dog you like

Please go to another kennel our dogs will not suit you.

Our dogs are soft natured but hard in thier work with lots of natural stamina they only excell well in the hands of people who use encouragement training methods.

 We do actively wellcome pet companion homes .

We are extremely happy to encourage  family pet homes for our puppies

Dont be put off by the word Working Labradors-our dogs temperaments are second to none  & are wonderfull with children, we have homed many of our dogs over the years to family homes with little todlers.


They get the very best of care  Love and handling & are raised in the house from the very moment of birth untill ready to go to new homes.


If we sound like a good match for each other please email.




Some of our puppies 


All Grown up

Adult Glenbriars 

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